About Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy is a specialist healthcare profession, which requires practitioners to have studied to meet the requirements of the British Association of Occupational Therapy and College of Occupational Therapy.  Therapists are then permitted to work as an autonomous practitioner and be registered with the Health Professional Council.

Occupational Therapist’s training covers practice and theory in physical and mental health and wellbeing, and works to develop function and skills in all areas of everyday life.

Paediatric Occupational Therapists (OT’s) have undertaken specialist training to assess children’s movement and sensory processing to identify why they are having difficulties with everyday activities.

Following assessment OT’s will then identify strengths and weaknesses at home and school and share strategies and activities with parents and teachers to help the child’s development.

By supporting and influencing the adults involved with children on a day to day basis Occupational Therapists help promote the greatest influence and potential skill development.